There are many types of cigarettes on the market now, and each brand has a different taste. Some are fragrant and some are rich, which are created to satisfy smokers of all tastes. One of the cigarettes has a small bead in the mouthpiece Carton Of Cigarettes. The shape of the bead is more like a translucent sealed capsule wrapped in liquid flavors or spices. This kind of cigarette is also called bead smoke. And many people don’t understand, what exactly is the purpose of having this popping bead in the cigarette? Let's take a look at the specific details together Marlboro Gold. First of all, let's first understand that the beads in the tobacco filter can wrap different types of spices. Such as mint flavor, fruit flavor, wild ginseng flavor, royal jelly flavor and so on. Different flavors satisfy most people's preferences. More importantly, the pop beads can enhance the aroma and characteristics. These new-flavored pop beads are combined with traditional cigarette holders, and when they are lightly crushed when smoking, the cigarette filter will make a popping sound. After that, the aroma in the pop beads will be integrated and filled with the fiber of the filter, and the aroma and taste of the cigarette can be realized with a richer and clearer taste. Thereby, the humidity of the smoke can be increased, and the fragrance retention time and effect of the popping beads can be longer, so that the smoker can get a completely different experience from the full tobacco smell. Generally, the fragrance inside the pop beads is relatively weak because too strong will not only cover the tobacco flavor of the cigarette, but also make people smoke greasy. Moreover, the crushed beads can also make the filter capacity of the cigarette holder stronger. Can retain some harmful substances. Most of the raw materials for popping beads will be ambergris, tangerine peel, etc., so the price of popping cigarettes will be a little higher. The popping cigarette holder is a new generation of cigarette filters Cigarettes Online, which effectively improves the taste of traditional cigarette holders. The problem played a role in regulating the taste of cigarettes. In addition, I believe that friends who smoke know that after smoking, there will be a strong smell of tobacco in your mouth, which is more embarrassing when you talk to others, but if you smoke a pop-bead cigarette, it will burst after smoking Aroma, the scent will be drawn directly into the mouth, to a certain extent, to cover up the original tobacco taste. At this time, when communicating with others, there will be no unpleasant smell, but a fresh and good smell. Smell.
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